Instant Feedback, Faster Results: Easily Add 20 yards to your drives or 25 more feet to your outfield bombs like a seasoned pro with just a 5 mph improvement!

"I have been struggling with distance on my drives. In order to get better and see what is working I got this. Just consciously noticing the differences let me adjust and get 10 mph more within a few days. Still have a ways to go to get where I want to be. But, at least I can consistently compare numbers." ~ Chistopher

Master Your Game

Don't Take Our Word for It: 5-Star Reviews Flood In for Swing Speed Radar

Finding stellar customer service online can feel like hitting the jackpot. That's why we're thrilled to boast a near-perfect 5.0-star rating on Amazon! Our team (shhh! It's actually our CEO Michael that handles ALL calls) is passionate about going the extra mile, and it shows in the countless happy reviews. See for yourself why customers choose Swing Speed Radar for not just top-quality products, but top-notch support as well.

  • Great practice tool with immediate feedback. I changed my swing path when I got my first feedback and found immediate speed improvement.

    • Amazon Customer, April 9, 2023
  • Just started using the speed sensor and it works just as the seller indicated. For a golfer who doesn't need all the data provided by an expensive Launch Monitor, only swing speed , this tool is useful and more than adequate.

    • John G, March 16, 2023
  • My grandson and I are loving our sessions at the driving range a lot more. It gives us goals to beat.

    • Len B, June 16, 2023

Swing Speed with Tempo Timer

Crank Up Your Swing Like a Modern-Day Master

Tired of your swing speed stuck in the dark ages? Forget ancient sun dials and dusty stopwatches, the Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer (SSRTT) is your time machine to golfing greatness. Think of it as two gadgets in one high-tech caddy: instant feedback on your swing speed, tempo and ready to unleash your inner Rory McIlroy.

So, you swing hard, but the ball barely clears the rough? We've all been there, buddy. This isn't about brute force, it's about swinging smart. The SSRTT is your real-time coach, whispering sweet nothings like, "Slow down, tiger!" or "Faster, faster, that's the spirit!"

Tempo? Don't let the word scare you. It's just a fancy way of saying rhythm, and the SSRTT nails it like a metronome on steroids. Track your club takeaway to impact in hundredths of a second, so smooth you'll make Phil Mickelson jealous.

Pros love it, clubmakers drool over it, and Jim McLean, the Yoda of golf himself, endorses it. Need we say more?

But wait, there's more! No fiddling with settings, no attaching gizmos to your club, and no need to sacrifice those precious Titleist Pro Vs (practice with a whiffle ball, we won't judge).

Ready to ditch the guesswork and transform your swing? Grab the SSRTT, hit the range, and watch your scores plummet faster than a shanked tee shot. Remember, it's not always about how hard you swing, it's about how smart you swing, and the SSRTT is your secret weapon to unlock your golfing superpowers.

So, what are you waiting for? Add the SSRTT to your bag and get ready to tee off on a whole new level of awesomeness.

Get Radaring

Swing and Sting Collection

This dynamic duo of baseball training tools is engineered to unlock your inner slugger and unleash your inner flamethrower. Forget complicated apps and confusing data analysis – both Swing Speed Radar and Sport Sensors Glove Radar offer instant, on-screen feedback to fuel your progress. Bundled together for $229.98.. Save and train!